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we are frey bike

If you have requirements on quality, If you have requirements on performance, If you are interested in business opportunities, contact us to learn more.


We use top brand components, ROCKSHOX, FOX, SHIMANO, SRAM, MAGURA, combined with modern frame geometry designs.
We custom build bikes to customer specifications giving them a high-level performance eBike.
We also offer bikes with lower price options while meeting the demand for quality, performance, and cost.

Innovation & Development

Product innovation, mode innovation, innovations we are willing to integrate into ideas from eBike enthusiasts.
Continuous innovation equals continuous development.

Global supply

We offer different logistic solutions based on your location and order quantity. Shipping choices include express, air, ocean shipping, and railway. All solutions support global supplying.


We not only manufacture excellent eBikes, we also provide a platform for customers to display their talents. A Win-Win situation based on an open co-creation partnership by sharing, developing, and achieving goals together.
FREY designs and builds eBikes consumers want.
If you have design ideas feel free to contact us, we will turn it into reality!


Free Ride Enjoy Yourself! Free Ride Enjoy Your bike!

Frey AM1000

Buy AM1000

Battery: 48V.1008Wh / 52V.910Wh, Motor: 500W / 750W / 1000W


Travel: F/R 160mm; Seat post: 31.6mm

Frey M600

Buy M600

Battery: 48V.672Wh, Motor: 250W / 500W

M600 2.0

Travel: F/R 160mm; Seat post: 31.6mm

Frey  CC

Buy CC

Battery: 48V.840Wh, Motor: 500W / 750W / 1000W


Travel: F/R 130/110mm; Seat post: 31.6mm

Frey EX

Buy EX

Battery: 48V.672 + 672Wh, Motor: 500W / 750W / 1000W


Travel: F/R 180/160mm; Seat post: 31.6mm

about frey

We always develop products based on market demands, and we are glad to listen to the consumers' voices and ideas. And we would love to make all desires to be a reality. Based on this principle, we can make our bikes better and better and catch up on the demands of the market's developing pace and trends.


Join Frey

Join Frey and become a member of Frey's global VIP, and grow with us to be the creator of mountain bikes.


what we do

Frey has strong development and manufacturing capabilities, mature supply chain, and precision CNC parts processing, in order to ensure that every customer gets their perfect ebike.


our history

We don't allow any flaws in bicycles. We continuously develop, update, and communicate with every customer without interruption. We would like to work with you to create a better future.



We and each of our co-creators have enjoyed this collaboration relationship, and we also enjoy this sense of accomplishment very much. The bike you get may also include some of your contributions and co-creation :).


Hey guys, Frey is happy to incorporate your ideas into the construction of the bike!

We have a mature supply chain! We have a group of energetic co-creation development users! We have harsh requirements on quality! We have precision CNC processing ability! we have a sharing co-creation company principle!

  • Mature supply chain achieve product
  • Strong development achieve new items
  • Harsh requirements achieve quality
  • Superb ability achieve boutique


FREY is listening to you as partners and customers, we value your advice. FREY strives to make the best affordable e-bikes on the market today, our customers make that happen. If you have ideas for product improvements please reach out to us, we are listening. If you have any questions on available pre-order upgrades please contact us.

Please give us your Name, Email address and message. We will answer all questions and inquiries within 12 hours.

Jinhua Frey Power Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.

3188, Some Second Ring Road, JinHua, CHINA

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