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about frey

We always develop products based on market demands, and we are glad to listen to the consumers' voices and ideas. And we would love to make all desires to be a reality. Based on this principle, we can make our bikes better and better and catch up on the demands of the market's developing pace and trends.


FREY is listening to you as partners and customers, we value your advice. FREY strives to make the best affordable e-bikes on the market today, our customers make that happen. If you have ideas for product improvements please reach out to us, we are listening. If you have any questions on available pre-order upgrades please contact us.

Please give us your Name, Email address and message. We will answer all questions and inquiries within 12 hours.

Jinhua Frey Power Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.

3188, Some Second Ring Road, JinHua, CHINA

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